Wednesday, November 15, 2017


There will be a temporary electric power outage from approximately 5:00pm to 8:00pm THIS EVENING, NOVEMBER 15 for residents in Elyria who live in the following areas:

  • 200 – 800 block of East Avenue
  • All side streets between 200 – 800 blocks of East Avenue, running between East Ave. and Middle Ave.
  • 200 – 800 block of Middle Avenue

This is necessary to accommodate an emergency gas main repair.  Residents are asked to shelter in place, and avoid unnecessary travel or activities outside their homes.       

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bicentennial Time Capsule Dedication - November 14 @ 1:00pm in Ely Square!

This is a friendly reminder that the last of a series of great events through our Bicentennial year of 2017 will be held on Tuesday, November 14th at 1:00pm in Ely Square.  Mayor Brinda, Bicentennial Co-Chair Bill Bird and our Bicentennial Committee will dedicate the Bicentennial Time Capsule.  It will include photos from 2017, including all of our events, letters from our elected officials and residents, mementos and photos from throughout year, and some items to represent 2017.  Anyone who would still like to include a letter has a very small window to get it in to us, as we will try to leave one of the bags to into the capsule unsealed until right before the ceremony.

We hope to see you at 1:00pm on November 14 in Ely Square!  As always, call the Mayor's Office at 440-326-1402 with any questions.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Be Part of the Elyria Bicentennial Time Capsule!

One hundred years from now, the Elyrians of 2117 will be celebrating our City's Tricentennial, and part of those festivities will be the opening of a time capsule from the year 2017.  We have been collecting memories and mementos from the tremendous Bicentennial celebrations throughout this year (along with other items to represent 2017), but we would like to add something that really represents not just Elyria, but the proud Elyrians of 2017. We would love to include your actual words,  thoughts and messages for future generations to read.

Send us your thoughts of today, hopes for the future, messages to future Elyria, or any other family-friendly BRIEF statements via facebook (Elyria Citizens page here or #ELY200 page here) or twitter (@MayorBrinda using the hasthtag #ELY200) and we'll include them in the time capsule!  We're going to bury the capsule on November 14, so if you want to be part of the celebration this year and 100 years from now, get us your thoughts soon!

Twitter has a character limit of 140 characters, so if even if you're not using Twitter, we would like you to keep it to a few sentences.