Friday, February 9, 2018

City of Elyria Snow Removal Basics

With more winter weather coming our way this weekend, our Safety Service Department and our Street Department leadership put some good, basic info together about our snow removal policies and procedures, which you can read below:

First priority:   All main roads, state routes, hills, bridges and established school bus routes are to be completed first – following the route maps. Currently there are seven major snow routes that cover 436 lane miles and take approximately 4 hours to run.  

Second priority:  Secondary streets will be plowed only when snow exceed four (4”) inches within a 24 hour period or single snow event.  NO secondary routes are to be done until main priority routes have been addressed.  The time frame for secondary routes should be between twelve (12) and sixteen (16) hours after initial snow event.
Salting:  Main routes, hills and curves are salted; some portions of some streets that contain curves, turns, or other traffic concerns are addressed with salt as supplies and conditions warrant.   Secondary streets are not salted however some unique intersections on secondary streets are occasionally warranted. Streets are also salted if a water main break and/or fire have occurred within a secondary street area. The optimum temperature for salt/calcium chloride working on ice/snow is 20 degrees effectively.

NOTE: Only the Safety Service Director or designee can issue City-wide emergency snow parking bans and such bans, when issued, are in effect for 24 hours after issuance or at the conclusion of the snow event.
Streets designated as no parking during snow events – if the street is clearly signed drivers should use their discretion and notify Elyria Police as necessary.

As always, please call the City of Elyria Office of Safety Service at 440-326-1404 with any questions, and remember to drive cautiously.